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Whether for an organization, a trip, a school activity, or any other event, La pincée creative spice blends are ideal for financing your activities.

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Carrying out a fundraising campaign with La pincée means helping to promote healthy eating with local flavors and ingredients, from artisanal, responsible production and a passion for home cooking. Join us to create your community of engaged gourmets and explore a world of flavors without limits.



How it works?

1. Create your tailor-made campaign on Coolecto
2. Sign up for Coolecto by clicking on “I want to create this campaign” or “Create a campaign with these products”
3. Refer missing information about your organization
4. Add your participant list (optional)
5. Make sure communications align with your expectations and send!

How much it costs ?

Raising funds with us is hassle-free. Automatically get a 30% return on sales.
All transaction costs for selling products online are covered by us*.

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We are flexible. Contact us if you have any questions about your future fundraising campaign.

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