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We're cooking,
so we're seasoning!


We have instinctively developed over time, a nose and an expertise that allow us to compose original and tasty spice blends that suit us.

Raw materials are at the forefront of everything we make. The magic of the blends is the central motif of our work. We like to create according to our tastes and inspirations, without ever straying from what distinguishes La pincée: textures, flavours and colours.

The finesse, the balance of the compositions and the concern of aestheticism that we grant to each of the mixtures allow, by the same fact to everyone, to easily appropriate their use and to be carried away in an exquisite universe where everything is allowed...

Between the thumb finger

Since 2012, we've been proudly creating and manufacturing a distinct and easy-to-use collection of spice blends.

La pincée evokes a universe where everything is permitted. Since this is our favorite unit of measurement, but it can vary from person to person, our challenge is to create in this tiny quantity the balance of flavors, colors and textures. The challenge is up! The 14 tasty spice blends that make up the range as well as the limited editions offer you a multitude of possibilities to reinvent the seasoning of your favorite foods in an intuitive gesture and with your eyes closed.

Creative process

We make our blends with the foods we want to season in mind. The goal pursued from one creation to the next is to offer spice blends with a unique taste and naturally maximized flavour potential. To achieve this, a play of variation in the grinds is made. In addition to simplifying the use, when you work on the grinding of the ingredients, you obtain a rich world that is just waiting to be expressed: it's the osmosis of flavours!

This real phenomenon allows to define the character of each blend which stabilizes after a few days in the intimacy of the pot. Afterwards, our greatest pleasure is to test the result on different cooking methods or directly on a raw vegetable. In any case, the variations in the diffusion of flavours obtained and the textures created are really interesting.

Did you know?…

Before deserving their little jars and labels, each of our existing blends has passed the test of the balance of flavours, textures, and colours? To do this, we call on our partners and collaborators and customers to carry out first taste tests. Those who lend themselves to the game must cook an imposed recipe and note the results, then they must use the blends on a simple ingredient and note the cooking, the results, their appreciation and give us all their comments.

So we believe in the quality of what we offer and pride ourselves on creating healthy seasoning solutions that appeal to a wide variety of customers with varying levels of cooking experience.

Our artistic fiber

The best spice blend is ​​the one that remains to be created… This is what makes La pincée stand out. We approach each creation with rigor and methodology, but also with great artistic sensitivity tinged with our experiences, our tastes and inspired by our passions, our many encounters and our discoveries. Herbs and spices are neither more nor less our raw material to create endlessly.

Locavore, committed
and reasoned

The size of our company allows us to maintain the liberty to make consistent choices and to make our place in the business world with integrity. Always guided by our desires and our values, our blends are composed of ingredients from here and elsewhere. Over time, we have found several Quebec producers from whom we supply raw materials of exceptional quality.

In each of the jars, nothing is left to chance. At all times, we are rigorous in the choice of each ingredient that makes up our blends and we make sure that each of them meets our criteria for eco-responsibility. By choice, we favour local trade for all our suppliers. In this way, we make sure that the Quebec companies that surround us and create jobs in the community are given a chance to shine. We have at heart the economic and social ecosystem of our region.

and partnerships

We continually seek to energize our activities through partnerships and creative collaborations. This can take many forms. From the creation of personalized products to team building activities, everything is possible. Do you have an idea or a suggestion? Contact us if you have a project to propose!

A good balance of passion and expertise

La pincée is the story of two creatives who began to create by each putting a grain of salt into it… We have been hearing you for several years. The pinch has a place of choice in your kitchens and your many good comments feed us in order to continue our mission. That's why we always have a lot of fun introducing La pincée to as many people as possible.

You can also contact us with any questions, suggestions or comments by email or via Facebook . Do not hesitate to share your successes with us with #lapincee

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