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Our popular questions.

Absolutely. All La pincée spice blends are gluten-free and without major allergens. They are made by hand from whole spices and we do the grinding ourselves in our workshop dedicated to the company. The range is not certified gluten-free at the moment but we are working on it.

Not at all. We have created a range of all-natural spice blends that can bring out all the flavours and aromas of each of the chosen ingredients. All compositions do not contain garlic powder, onion, dehydrated vegetables, oil or preservatives.

Yes, the range includes three salt-free blends: La pincée Été N°7, La pincée Ambré N°8 and La pincée Masala N°12.

All our recipes are our own creations. We have chosen this term to define the free creativity contained in each of our blends. For example, a fancy pepper blend is a base of different varieties of pepper accompanied by several other herbs and spices to achieve a rich, unique and very aromatic result.

Yes! In each of our spice blends there are ingredients from Quebec. The proportion may vary from one blend to another. We prioritize certified local organic ingredients as much as possible. Some are certified organic and others are not certified because they are harvested by very small, conscientious producers.

Absolutly. We use our own spice blends on a daily basis, we put a lot of effort into sourcing ingredients of the highest quality. They are all made from high quality, non-irradiated raw herbs and spices, without preservatives, oil, garlic and onions, and the lemon peel is always organic.

Simply not because we love to cook with fresh garlic and onions from Quebec. All of our blends are inspired by the way we cook, they don't contain any of these ingredients, which masks and standardizes the flavours of the nobler spices found in La pincée blends. This choice leaves plenty of room for the rich aromas of herbs and spices.

Yes of course, please contact us by email at if you would like te received more information about how to become an official retailer and sell our products in your store.

Up to 24 months after opening. Keep the jar tightly closed and away from a heat sources and direct sunlight.

Some of our blends are completely sugar free which and goes very well with a ketogenic diet. Just like you, we care about our health. However, we still like to cook sometimes with organic cane sugar.

The recipe is in the jar. The balance of flavors is designed for you. All you have to do is add a few pinches well distributed according to the surface to be seasoned. There's no need to put a lot, since our blends are very generous and concentrated in flavours.

Our whole spice blends collection lends itself well to all types of cuisine. Here are a few suggestions that can all work well with vegetables and legume stews. La pincée Barbecue Nº5, La pincée Citronnée Nº6, La pincée Ambrée Nº8, La pincée Épicée Nº10 and La pincée Fumée Nº13. It's up to you to explore!

This generic term is used to gather a certain proportion of herbs and spices. It is in no way hides dubious ingredients that we would never want to see in our blends. It is a way of defining a certain quantity of ingredients in order to keep our signature which is the fruit of our research and expertise.

We ship all packages on a daily basis with Canada Post, GLS, Nationex, Fedex or Purolator. (2-3 days). Your order is processed the same day or the next day. A tracking number is always provided to you so you can follow it if necessary.

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