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A flavorful creative
collaboration with Station 22


The Assembly Spiced rum with La pincée x Station 22

For the symbiosis of ideas
and the encounter of distinctive ingredients.

Crafting a spiced rum is a fascinating process that involves a combination of design skills, craftsmanship, spirit-making expertise and creativity. We are fortunate to have worked closely with the Station 22 team to create a unique and original spiced rum recipe.

The rum that unites,
the social rum,
the rum to everyone.

We were mandated to think about the brand and the creation of the visual system that would dress the bottle and its precious liquid. Following several proposals, the name L'Assemblée quickly caught the attention and was adopted unanimously for its evocative symbolism in natural association with the project. We then created a modern, effective and original screen-printed label with the help of the very talented illustrator Éric Chouteau of .
The Assembly rum bottle Design François Maisonneuve - Illustration Eric Chouteau


It was necessary at first to establish a creative direction and then to select high quality spices with which we could play with in the game of the first exploratory macerations. We have used, for example, cardamom, caraway, white pepper, fennel, cinnamon, orange peel and vanilla, cedar, balsam fir shoots and cranberry to name just a few. Here is the list of spices and aromatics that make up the recipe:

Herbs The Assembly

We have created with these, different assemblies and combinations all interesting to discover and taste. As each of the steps are crucial, it is important to carefully control the maceration times to obtain a perfect balance between the spices and the rum. Once the maceration is complete, we filtered with great care to remove the residues of the spices and added a touch of cane sugar to sweeten the drink in order to obtain a soft and pleasant result in the mouth. It was after several stages of tasting that we carefully chose together the final selection of herbs and the dosage that would create the famous taste and distinctive aromas that we were looking for to create the spiced rum La pincée style.

Taste tests and infusions


The production, bottling and distribution is done according to the rules of the art in Montreal by Station 22 , in order to obtain the desired spiced rum of very high quality.

Manufacturing and bottling steps


tasting notes

Revealing an amber and golden color, L'Assemblée spiced rum offers a nose of soft spices, which opens with notes of vanilla and cardamom, to then give way to fine tones of cinnamon, enhanced with nuances of caraway, fennel and orange in the background. Medium-bodied and rich, the palate is dominated by infused aromatics, evolving towards flavors of caramel and nuts, supported by a silky and inviting texture.

It can be enjoyed straight, over ice or used to create your favorite cocktails. Cheers !

The Assembly spiced rum

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Case of 12x The Assembly

A creative collaboration
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